Massage and its benefits

Every massage is related to a moment of relaxation and pleasure. It made me wonder how important it is for us not only to do something to de-stress but also other types of technique. This therapy offers us many benefits from birth to old age. If a baby cries a lot we can calm them with this movement, if the elderly feel pain or are anxious or insomnia, we can also help this situation using this method.

Massage has the power of touch and the maneuvers performed are able to improve the immune system and can prevent various diseases. During the procedure, the hormone cortisol is considerably reduced, which helps to combat the stress of a modern and hectic life, as well as increased dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure, which explains the feeling of relaxation and well-being. Finally, we also release the hormone oxytocin, which fights muscle tension, influences intestinal flow, stabilizes blood pressure and also causes sadness to subside.

To summarize: anyone who receives a massage has many benefits and, as beauticians, we can provide wonderful moments for our clients and we can not forget to inform them of all these features, thus valuing our work.

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